Templates and samples for writing your own letters to the editor and op-eds for the Climate and Health Declaration.

Why write a letter to the editor?

We encourage letters to local media explaining how climate change is impacting human health. There are resources here to help you get started. 

If you would like help reaching media outlets or additional help writing your letter, please feel free to contact us at takeaction@resilientkansas.org

A letter to the editor is about 150-200 words, and is a good way to take action and spark a public discussion.  

Op-eds are longer, between 600-800 words, and they tend to get a bit more attention.

Click here to see all academic and organizational studies referencing climate change’s impact in Kansas.

For tracking purposes, please forward published letters and op-eds to takeaction@resilientkansas.org.

Sample Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor from the Climate + Energy Project

Take action

Your involvement can grow from here. Please use these resources freely as you reach out to decision-makers, institutions and friends.

Write letters to the editor

Templates and samples for writing your own letters and op-eds.

Host an event

Hold a conversation, conduct a forum, or throw a party to get more signatures on this declaration.

Kansas Environmental leadership

Apply to a program.

Register to Vote

Get guidance on Kansas elections.